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Tim Cook explains worth of a college degree

Tim cook one of the greatest CEO’s of all time eventually took apple to another level with his innovative strategies in a recent press conference with president trump. Tim Cook said there is a huge mismatch between academia and industry apparently at apple they hired half of the staff that did not have a four year degree. he further said that coding should be taught as an essential skill in the nation. Apple is a company developed by a college drop out. creativity is the essence of Apple. Elon Musk also stated recently that he does not appreciate a college degree. The company is now over a 1 Trillion company. the success is essentially dependent on the hardware. The sales of I phone is imperative for their growth. on the other hand many countries especially the underdeveloped countries in Asia are focused on education and building more universities will not give you high intellectual graduates. the creativity and thinking outside the box suffocates inside books. one has to be a maverick to run a company. python and visual basic are programming languages that are popular for their human readable syntax. kids should learn about coding because it is creativity taught by practical examples. in order for a nation to thrive coding skills are imperative you can code in c# and unity to develop a game for all popular platforms like Android,iOs and PC.

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