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should you sell your products on your own online store or on an already established online store

initially when to take your product and try to sell it online. e-commerce is an exciting field to work on apparently it is how this business will be conducted throughout the wold. you want to sell online you have two choices. either you create your own e-commerce store and use a platform like shopify. on the other hand you can sell your products on the big e-commerce giants. when you sell your products on an already established e-commerce giant they can see your sales. eventually they figure out what the data is pointing to and then they start to manufacture the same hot selling product from their own factory which will reduce the cost and increase the profit margin. they can even remove your store from their platform. the whole crux is that start small but start from your own platform so that apparently you have the control over your business. with the advent of big data it is imperative to tech companies to keep your data under scrutiny and deduct information that is valuable to their particular business. you should be very careful about going online. e-commerce is a gargantuan field with a lot of potential eventually you should do a lot of research before starting the endeavor.

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