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listen to your users its pure gold

when you start an endeavor you either reach your destination or you become a substantial traveler. a traveler who has wisdom about the journey and the cadence involved in the process. when you publish an app or a website feedback is imperative. your end users can tell you about the bottlenecks and loopholes in the application. you have to reverse engineer your product. listen to what the users are telling you. you can improve your product by improving the user experience. it should take the minimum amount of steps to accomplish a task. simplicity is the key. the products that are user friendly win in the market. windows operating system is user friendly that is why it sins the market in Asia and Europe. your users feedback is imperative for continuous improvement of your application. the iteration should be to improve every aspect of the functionality or service. the functional requirements should be tested well. test driven development is a process in which testing is done in every process of the life-cycle development of software. initially testing was done at the end of the development process apparently now the bugs should be identified from the first phase. learn more about software engineering by downloading our free app.


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