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self awareness is critical for success

In the contemporary society work is a major part of peoples life. we spent more time working than any activity that goes in life. the work-life balance has to be maintained. In order to be successful we need to understand who we are as individual and apparently we should know our strengths and weakness. most professional after spending many years in a field eventually change that field into the one they like and apparently excel in that particular field.

the youth is an essential part of any country. most youth is confused about self awareness and career counseling is imperative. the aptitude test should be taken by more people to understand themselves. in this society parents or relatives are the people who guide the student to take a career path. for example, father tells the son to take computer science in college but has the father ever do coding in his life or has he ever developed an application? the solution is if you want to be a programmer go talk to a real programmer eventually he will save you a lot of time and years by just guiding you in the right way apparently the experience he has is more imperative than theoretical concepts you learn at college.

write down what you want to be and what can you do? what are you good at? do a little self analysis and eventually decide which endeavor will you start.

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