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Mom builds a business from home

Kate Westervelt just gave birth to her child. while on the way to her home apparently she had an idea that there are a lot of things that a new mom needs from lotion to other creams. there is a complete science that needs to be understood that what is the flow that new moms go through. Kate was working on 9 to 5 job and took the initiative to start working on the business idea. She wanted to make a kit that provides all the things that are needed by the new moms. since, this idea fulfills a basic need that every new mom goes through it is rationale and idea clicked immediately. the launch of a new product in the market is imperative and needs a lot of planning and marketing. after working for a year she sold a mombox. #mombox is a case that has all the products you need as a new mom.


she launched her website and with the help of FedEx they started taking orders and delivering the mombox to the customers.

the whole crux is that mombox solves a basic problem that moms face. it contains of all the basic items that new moms need so that they can be the best versions of themselves and take care of the child.

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