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growth mindset for developers

In any endeavor every individual wants to thrive. apparently the road to success in not straight it is always a zig zag curve. there are two types of people in this world. the first one are whom grow in life on the other hand people whom do not grow. the life of a developer needs a lot of focus because technology is changing so rapidly. some people say focus on web other say focus on app development. there are a plethora of technologies. hybrid apps or native apps. it depends on the requirements of the project.


while working in software development you just learn a particular branch of computer science. what is your specialization? a back-end developer or a front end developer. you should focus on a single role or move towards a more responsible core like generalization. for example, you are a spectacular java developer and you have experience in developing android apps. in order to gain mastery in a skill you have to practice for many years building many projects. the incubation of coding is a high learning curve. the growth is an essential part of the equation. the learning and experience both factors thrive.

generalist programmer

the generalization factor takes in almost knowledge of all phases of software development. for example, a engineer is familiar with requirements engineering, design, coding, testing and maintenance. all these phases require a certain amount of skill. the question is on your own can you develop an application? You work with a team but are you as a solo developer or indie developer effective or not. the side hustle has to go one to test your skills. the amount of knowledge you ear in the field working with customers is essential. there is a hotch-potch of different activities involved in software development and requires a lot of concentration in work

learning and growing

you can learn from books, articles, blogs audio or video content. you also learn from actual work and on field experiences can teach you and make you an expert in a number of years. learning should be lifetime learning. you should learn throughout your life. different languages change and new languages arrive in the field for example, java was largely used in android app development now google recommends to learn kotlin fro android development. change is inevitable.

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