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learn to draw from this app

the world is changing at a rapid pace. art is the base of many business. learning to draw is an essential investment. art requires a lot of creativity. in comics artists need to draw at least 8 pages daily. this requires a lot of time and dedication. the game is in practice. great artists draw at least 8 hours per day. you need to practice drawing daily. just focus and take the time if you want to be an expert artist.


this app lets you learn how to draw. just run the app get a pencil and paper and start following the intuitive steps. this app is available in android on the play-store. the 10,000 hour rule can help which states that in order to master a skill you need to practice for 10,000 hours. the quality of sketch determines its value. it should be intricate in design. there are a lot of careers in art and design like comics, movies, brands and technology. understand your audience and their demographics. visual elements convey a better message. a picture is worth a thousand words.

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