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Android pre registration for apps:

Android has launched a new feature called pre registrations in which you can spread the word about your app/game to your followers so when the app/game is published they get a notification to download the app. This creates hype about your game or app so that you audience gets excited and waits for your app to launch.


  1. Your app should be ready and APK uploaded to the play console.
  2. You should start the campaign by december 15, 2018.
  3. Your app/game should be of high quality eventually perform rigorous testing to check it works as expected and performance should be amazing.
  4. In order to make the app give a spectacular user experience the APK size should be less than 10MB. You can use android bundle to reduce the size of the APK. android bundle is a new packaging technology that upload a bundle and lets devices download specific parts of the app that are required. It does code optimization to select relevant code and removes redundant code. You can still publish an APK to the play console or android bundle the choice is yours.


Android pre registration is a great way to create hype and excitement about your app it works elegantly with the audience to work as a marketing and buzz creator strategy.

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