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One trick to become a the quintessential developer

What makes a developer separate from the pack is your competitive edge. You should have more knowledge or experience from the rest of the pack otherwise you will be left behind.one of the most imperative factors of code is that it should be easily maintainable.

“Software maintenance in the most longest phase in software life cycle”

The code you write today should be readable and understandable by other developers in your team. It should be well commented and explains the logic well in a substantial manner. Software is usually developed in teams. Suppose your developer went away or quit the job the code would be operated and maintained by other fellow developers. If that particular code is well commented and used regions properly eventually it is maintainable otherwise a lot of time and resources will be wasted to understand the code and logic.


Region is an area in the code which deliberately explains the area of code which increases readability of the code. It makes the code more maintainable. It gives the developer more understanding of the code and logic. Use comments inside regions to make it more effective.


When you expand the the region it shows the actual code eventually this way you can only check the portions in which you are interested in.

C# region




In c# we use the syntax shown in upper text.

Java region

In java on android studio you can use the following syntax. The jetbrain IDE uses it.

//region Description

Your code


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