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What is freelancing?

The internet has changed the way people communicate and earn. The web has made the world a global village. All countries of the world are connected and it opened new innovative ways to do business. In the contemporary society people used to prefer jobs apparently working from 9 to 5 at a company. Many of these people want to have a passive income or create a side hustle which eventually creates an income source. A freelancer is a person who works on the internet and selects the working hours or projects according to his or her convenience. There are no bounds and limits on your work. You can get as many projects as you like by bidding on your projects. Eventually when you have become successfully you can expand your business and hire more people apparently creating income and empowering people around you.

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Freelancing can be an amazing platform to reduce unemployment and governments are focussing on creating more entrepreneurs and freelancers. Most freelancers stay up late at night because of the time and geographic constraints. For example, in pakistan when it is night apparently it is day time in US. the employee in order to bid on the project will notice that most projects are posted at day time eventually they have to stay up late to bid on project ASAP.

Communication skills

Business development is an imperative skill. In order to get and successfully complete a project you need to bid on the project.

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You need mastery in project proposal and explaining your services and how it will bring value to the employer. In fig 1.1 we can see proposal for wordpress help job. The ratings matters because most employers give project to a 4 to a five star rating employee. The proposal should be concise and to the point. Nothing more nothing less. You give a bid amount in the diagram it’s $35.00 the employer can see the country where you are from and check your profile. The words selected in communicating the message should be effective. You should be able to articulate your thoughts in words that are intuitive and logical.

Your profile

Your profile gives the information about you and what services you provide. You can one of the following.

  1. An individual
  2. company

In case of a company add the profile of your team members and highlight their strengths and experience.

In case of an individual you can tell about yourself the skills and services you provide. You can even show you hourly rate of work. Some people prefer bidding on complete project price. It depends on the nature of the person. Majority of employers before giving work go to the employee profile and analyze the portfolio and reviews.

Importance of profile picture

Profile picture is the first thing the employer notices about the freelancer. The profile picture should be professional wearing a tie or casual look with a smile. Employer wants to see the face of the people they are working with. Employer prefer a person’s real picture instead of a graphical logo. This creates more trust between the parties.  people link their LinkedIn account in their freelance market account so that employer can know more about them.


If you go to a shop to buy buy a shirt and you do not like a shirt or there is monotony in the designs what do you do? You leave and go to another garments shop. This is exactly what happens in the freelance market. If your portfolio is not present or not authentic the employer will eventually go to you competitor. You should have a compelling portfolio which highlights your projects and displays your skills. The employer analyzes your portfolio sometimes the domain that you worked in will make the employer more comfortable to give you the project because you might have done a similar project.

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Fig 1.3

You can create a website to show  your portfolio in detail or you can create a portfolio on your freelance account. The visual aspect is imperative in drawing attention of the employer. You should use aesthetics and good design.


Be concise about your services

When the employer finds you suitable the/she will open a PMB personal message board with you. The freelancer can cannot directly message the employer apparently in some cases like guru.com you can ask questions but if you have paid account. You should only answer in a relevant and logical way. Stick to the topic. Be concise and articulate your thoughts in a clear and concise manner which is intuitive. Do not write long paragraphs. The ability to close a deal is an imperative skill. Some people have great communication skills and can articulate their business message in a logical way which is striking and convenient. This skills can only be developed by practice.

Paid vs Non-paid freelance accounts

Paid accounts are much better than non-pain accounts. You get more benefits and features to use the platform. By using paid account you also show that you have invested money in your work and you are serious and ready to to satisfied work. In most freelance marketplaces you can bid up to 8 to 10 times if you have a free or non-paid account.when the bids are finished you will have to wait a month to get more bids. On the other hand on apid or premium account you can get up to 60 bids per month which is spectacular and you can get more business. Different marketplaces have different packages. There are two types of freelance marketplaces traditional and nontraditional.

Traditional freelance marketplace

In the traditional marketplaces usually the employee posts a project and the freelancer bids on that project. The employer analyzes the best person for the job and assigns him/her the project. Some of the traditional marketplaces are the following.

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer.
  3. Guru
  4. People per hour

Most freelancer go to traditional market places because of the popularity and the volume of projects. Some of these marketplaces have a rigorous registration process due to competition for example, upwork takes time and reviews the profile of the freelancer and checks for the skills that are in demand in the online market and then after a few days gives you the answer whether you got registered or not.

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Fig 1.4

You should work and try to find out which one works for your skills and services.


Non- traditional freelance marketplace

In the nontraditional market place you create a gig which is a service you provide. With different packages. You add a video of one minute which explains you services. You can add extra price for work that is done in a couple of days that usually takes more time. Eventually the employee will find you and assign you a project. You do not bid on projects. One nontraditional market place is fiverr.

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You should try fiverr it is very popular in the asia market.

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