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App Store Optimization ASO

With the two giant app stores the google-play and Apple app store there is so much diversity of apps available. There are a plethora of apps on play-store ranging from games to entertainment to fitness apps.

25% of all apps installed by users contains of games.

Apparently gaming is a gargantuan industry and with the advent of apps it is even more accessible. With more the two billion android devices used across the world android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. With a cut throat competition we need to learn the abstraction of app store optimization to make our apps more visible in the play-store.

Size of APK should be less than 20 MB:

In the emerging markets like India and brazil they have low bandwidth internet speed is low due to attenuation or limited packages. If your APK is greater than 20 MB the users who download this app if they have to wait for a longer time there are gargantuan chances that user will not install the app. All top successful apps on play-store have a low APK size. You can analyze the APk by using using android studio APK analyzer.

APK analyser video click here


The APK analyzer provides insights into the composition of APK in build. It highlights the resources composed in the App and gives the memory consumption of each resource. The developer can understand various resources and the size they take in the APK it is crucial to reduce the APK size by understanding the intricate APK. we can perform comparison between APK’s like compare with previous APK to know how gradually the size has changed.it can also help us understand the DEX files.

Understand the mindset and interests of your users

We need to define a segment in the market of your target audience. You cannot built an app and target it for the whole market. You need to understand the demographics of the audience their age, culture and location. The psychographics of the audience is crucial. We need to understand how out audience thinks. What is value to them? We need need to build an app that solves a specific problem. For example if you are developing an app for engineering students you should know what problems does the student face there age should be from 18 to 26 and the location should also be known.

High quality app

You should have a quality assurance department in your company that is responsible for testing the app on various stages to find bugs and exception as early as possible in the initial stages. You cannot market a bad product. It ruins the goodwill of a company is the app is of low quality. The japanese has done a lot of research on total quality management. The testing should be rigorous we should not publish the app until it is gone through a complete testing process to ensure that there are no or minimum bugs in the app. Since android has a lot of diversity apparently we should test the app for different screen sizes eventually for tabs and smartphones. The user experience is crucial. UX deals with reducing friction in performing the tasks required by the app. UX design is imperative because the less steps it takes a user to perform a task makes i more user friendly. The more the app is user friendly more people will understand it and download it.

The design of the app

The metadata of the app like app icon, screenshots, description and video of app is vital to the success of the app. You should have a good graphic designer in your team that can create compelling designs. The app icon is crucial for user engagement. If the design of app icon is compelling it will attract a lot of user because the first thing that user notices about an app is app icon. It should be vibrant depending on the theme of the app.

The rating of the app

Majority of the users before downloading an app they check the user reviews if the app is 4 or five star than majority of the users will download it. You should reply to the reviews posted by users incase they query or ask a particular question.

Some apps prompt the user to give reviews to the app during the usage to an app by displaying a message that please rate us. This is a good idea to increase your ratings of the app.

Use compelling keywords

In the app description use those keywords that are being used in search engines to find stuff. You can search for the latest keywords used by users by checking the research reports and surveys published by the search engines. That data is accessible and available for the general public. The discover-ability of your app depends on the keywords you used in the long and short description of the app. The conversion depend on how many people came to your app what is the click through rate. The more people visiting the app the more chances it will get to have conversion.

Understand user feedback

The key to success is continuous app improvement. Listen to what the users are saying get the feedback and improve the app according to it. Another way is to keep an eye on competitors and observe how the big apps are using feature images and other graphics assets.

dowload this free chrome extension to check feature image of any app

Once you get an idea about the competition and how they are working in the market you need to optimize your app with new ideas and innovation. You should be well aware of the most engaged features used by your app and work to improve their quality and efficiency. Work on the strength on your app. Identify the weaknesses. You should know which ads work for you audience. In the initial stage of app launch know one knows your company. You lack credibility. To make the app more credible it should solve a real world problem and bring value to the user. If the app is of high quality it can also be shared on platforms like social media. Make sure you have a share button in your app that allows it to be shared on google+, facebook, twitter and linkedin. If you can improve your app metadata like app icon , video and screenshots it is a vital step to increase discoverability of your app in play-store. The graphics should be compelling and high quality. The user does not spend much time on app you only have 3 to 4 seconds to grab their attention. You have to understand the nuances of design and how it affects the click through rate eventually for conversion to occur. You app gives a message that particular message should be compelling and practical to gain attention of user. The app screen is small. The user does not check every graphics in the page it depends on the intuition of the user. Don’t bombard the app with information. Just be concise. The user has a small attention span only show relevant data that shows the value the app brings to the user. The low fidelity prototype of the app should be used for research purposes. Ask your neighbor or friends about the app show the low fidelity prototype to them and get feedback. Add or remove features based on the feedback gradually develop a high fidelity prototype and get feedback again. This would improve the app on every stage of development.

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