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Why building relationships will make you a winner in your game

In the contemporary corporate world business is done with the basis of trust. Some people even say that a deal is done well by word of mouth whereas the contracts are of paramount importance. Humans are social animals. We exist in society and are dependent on each other to make the system work. For example, most people cannot cut their hair they need to pay the barber to get the job done. There are two type of people.

  1. Introverts
  2. Extroverts

Introverts are concerned about themselves are non-social people. They like to live alone and have a good old me time. On the other hand extroverts are people whom are happy with other people. The are more social and like to hang out with friends. One of the imperative factors of success in business or a career is the profound relationships we build with our colleagues or friends. For example, if you are a developer and you know a lot of people in the corporate world. A substantial amount of opportunities arise every day in the market , hundred of companies are formed. These companies need skilled and talented people. You want to change your job because your not satisfied your friend john at xyz company observes a new vacancy and calls you for an interview after a rigorous selection phase eventually you get selected.

Sharing of wisdom

When you talk to other professionals regularly, you learn from mistakes and experiences of people. You absorb there information about a particular field. The rule of thumbs are imperative in career success. This is beneficial for you in the long term because readers are leaders and you can read people too.

A mentor is crucial

Sometimes to become the best version of yourself you need to learn from mentors. They are your teachers. You can have a single or multiple mentors. For example if you want to start a hotel business look for the people whom are successful in the hotel business talk to them and learn from their wisdom. I know not all people share their wisdom but there are some people out their who share their knowledge. You know why? Because

“Sharing is caring”.


Talk to as many people as you can. Be an extrovert. Be optimistic about your future. If a businessman says he knows it all. That person is detrimental. You should be a continuous learner. Learn from other people’s mistakes and bereavement. Success is a combination of knowledge and experience. You need to have grit.

Grit = passion + perseverance

Everyone commits mistakes but the important part is to keep moving forward don’t be stagnant or you will fail. Optimism is imperative. Look at the bright side. Feed yourself with positive stuff. Suffocate the negativity in your life.

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