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How to become a coding whiz

Coding is the new superpower. It’s basically a skill. In order to master this skill you have to practice daily for a number of years. In order to become a full stack developer you have to know the whole process of software life cycle. There are various steps involved in it. Following are the steps.

  1. Requirements gathering

2. Software design

3. Coding

4. Testing

5. maintenance.

In this article we would be discussing coding. We will focus on how to improve your coding skills as fast as possible. There is no shortcut. It is a rigorous process.

“Programming or coding is learnt better from examples and practical rather from theory.”

Coding the art of developing software it can be a mobile app, web application or a desktop application. It depends on what domain you have chosen. Coding is a mechanical craft. In order to gain mastery in this craft you have to be willing to spend minimum eight to twelve hours a day. I know its a lot of time. But great things never come easy. Coding is mechanical. It means that if you see some expert software engineer code you will think it’s quite easy but when you are given the same task you could take a number of days just to do a small task. For example, if you are traveling in a bus and all of a sudden the tyre got punctured. The bus stops and the driver comes out takes out the tools like jack to change the tyre and place a new one there , you will be watching it would take lets say the driver 20 minutes to change the tyre and off you go. Looks like an easy task. But let’s change the scenario a little bit suppose you are asked to change the same tyre maybe it will take you six hours to change the tyre because you do not possess that skill yet. Coding is a dry subject. Coders basically code a lot by giving instructions to the computer to execute a task of tasks. The set of instructions given to the computer it has a sequence its called an algorithm.

There are two types of programmers.

  1. Application programmers

2. System programmers

Application programmers are the ones who create applications that perform tasks for the users. For example, MS word. An application used commonly to write. The users can create reports, essays and much more. It does imperative work for the user. The second one is system programmers. These are professional that write software that runs the system or operating system like drivers and kernel. Android is a popular operating system used in smartphones owned by google.if a developer develops the kernel of android that is the heart of the operating system he/she is a system programmer.

Coders can turn a vision or a business idea into reality. The requirements phase is the collection of information from the end users and stakeholder about the application that is to be built. This a complete field called software requirements engineering. We gather functional and non-functional requirements by using unified modeling language UML diagrams because they are the industry standard. The vague requirements and conflicting requirements are also identified. Then comes the design process. It contains the class , database and architecture diagrams. The coding phase is the phase in which something concrete is created. You start to convert the design in to actual code that performs a task.

Coding is logic based creativity.

The ability to be creative is imperative. Creativity means thinking out of the box. You need to articulate your thoughts into code in an IDE. Integrated development environment like Android studio or microsoft visual studio.

The longest phase in software development life cycle is the maintenance phase.

Maintenance is the continuous modification or updation of the application depends the changing business requirements. As the business requirements change the application also has to change. Change is inevitable. You cannot ignore it. Sooner or later the business rules change. For example you build an application for a restaurant all requirements were well documented the application was working fine. Now the manager tells you to add sales tax in the invoice because you are accountable for that. Now you have to write a function the calculate the sales tax and shows it in the invoice. This subtle change can also affect the other parts of the code in different modules. That is why in software engineering the principle of low-coupling and high cohesion is crucial. Code should not depend much on each others module. Less coupling means you can make modifications in one portion of the code without affecting the other modules. High cohesion means your logic of one abstraction should be encapsulated in one module. For example accounts module should contain functions related to accounting like getDebit() or getBalance etc.


The more projects you do over a period of time can create mastery in your craft. Eventually it will take a lot of years. You should have the core competencies in you like creativity, problem solving skills and diligence. You should keep yourself up to date with latest tools and techniques used by experts. Read more blogs of industry experts and learn from their mistakes and rule of thumb heuristics. The programming language also evolves you should know when to shift from one language to another for example, java is very popular for android development but now google is encouraging developers to learn kotlin because they say it’s much better and requires less code to write. Every language has its strength and weakness. The logic is imperative. If you know the basic constructs of one programming language like variable, arrays, function and classes etc. you can learn any language by learning its syntax. It is challenging but learning a new skills requires a lot perseverance and grit.

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