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why you need critical thinking in your life

The decisions we make in business, job or personal life is imperative to the success and failure in our particular field. Thinking clearly and rationally can give us a new perspective on things. For example, in a business managers need all the information to make potentially beneficial decisions for the profitability of the business. Once the information and data in presented they need to make rational decisions about the company like which employee to retain and when to downsize the company.

Understand the concept or idea:

The ability to do deep thinking and understand the problem is imperative. The logical connection between ideas and similar ideas already being applied. In computer science design patterns are reusable components to a solution that has been already devised for a problem and are used by many developers in their own projects for optimization. We have to identify the problem initially and brainstorm different ideas which can be the ideal solution to the problem the debate between different ideas and how to measure which idea is most efficient. The optimal solution requires a lot of analysis and debate between ideas. It can also be a lot simple for example, a student wants to select the best university for software engineering. He needs the data first what are the best universities in his country. Does he have the financial stability to pay the fee and hostel expenses. Does this degree help to aid his future goals. Is it worth it to put in time , money and energy for next four years. What is the execution plan

Identify between a good and a bad idea

Each idea should be measured in terms of a benchmark. A benchmark is an industry standard way to measure the progress and vision about where you want to go. For example, if a company wants to grow the market share you would select a benchmark of a company in the market which has a large market share and would measure in terms of comparison with them.

You should justify the benefits and values of the idea. Is it realistic? Would the idea work in a real world scenario with concrete parameters. The idea should be validated first by user research. Show your idea to users and get feedback about it. The feedback loop improves the product or service by making tradeoffs and deciding which features to add or remove.

Purpose is to enhance creativity

Creativity is an essential element to boost productivity. You have to think outside of the box. You should devise innovative mechanisms which solve problems. A famous quote is “there are two unique factors in business, innovation and marketing”. Innovation is creating new ways and methods to solve a problem. In the contemporary society it is the era of information and technology. Intellectualism is imperative. Right decisions should be made at the right time.

With the disruption of technology and its effect on so many business models. We need to build those skills which are in demand. In 2020 problem solving and critical thinking are the top skills required in academia and businesses.

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