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An important note for students

A lot of students are wasting their time and energy in irrelevant aspect. There is no place for a 2nd or 3rd class student. Only the first class student whom has substantial knowledge about the particular field has a chance to move forward in this highly competitive economy. Your parents are investing their hard earned money in your education please, don’t waste it.

Skill development is the answer. You can become a coder or a creative writer and can work from home. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Learn your craft well. There are a number of other ways you can start a career. The internet is real. Internet is a technology that has disrupted many fields. It has created more ways to earn. Freelancing is an immense industry. First you have be the master of your craft. You can become an entrepreneur if you have the grit. Knowledge and experience. These are the two factors involved in creating a business. The understanding of the market is crucial. Consumer behaviour, branding and marketing are imperative in the process.

Skill upgradation:

You have to be a specialist in your particular field. It’s the depth that matters not the width. This is the era of specialization. For example, suppose you are a mobile app developer. You just started. You are a beginner programmer with some coding skills in java. Initially you have to learn your craft. To gain mastery in the craft it takes many years. Coding is about logic creativity. You have to think out of the box or your history. Sometimes it takes 10 years to master the craft. For some it will take 3 years. It depends on the individual. You have to work diligently. The key is patience. If you can absorb failure and endure it. Learn from failure and know its a part of the process. It’s a stepping stone to success then you will be able to persevere through tough times.

                   This is the most imperative era and there are so much opportunities.


Get rid of all your distractions. with the popularity of social media when you have so many notifications on your phone it takes a lot of your attention. the focus should be on learning and anything else is detrimental for students. you should only be concerned about how to get maximum value from your learning and there should be laser like focus. the people that succeed are the ones who have tunnel-vision focus. they are able to focus on the problem longer and paying attention to the nuances of the subject.

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