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six tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

Solve the problem not the technology

The technology used to develop an application is just a tool. Tools change with time. The whole crux is that if we can understand and solve a problem from the roots that solution can be developed in any programming language. If you understood the problem 50% has already been solved. I have often heard my teachers say in college read the question three times carefully before attempting it.

Understand the need of the customer

The customer is the king. Before creating any app we should listen to the customer. We should try to put ourselves in the shoes of customer. People are cynical. They only pay for products and services that have paramount quality. In software development requirements gathering phase is the most crucial phase in software life cycle. Because if by mistake you get wrong or vague requirements that portray an unclear picture of the product eventually it will affect the design of the app and ultimately the coding will become wrong where a product will be created which will be used by none. The customers requirements should be written down and several meeting should occur in which further discussions on the requirements and done to make it more clear and apparently filter it in the right way. The customer is always right. We should apparently guess either the customer is price sensitive or quality sensitive. The price sensitive customer is the one which is affected eventually by an increase or decrease in the price.

The trends and the mega trends of the market

Trends are micro forces which affect the thinking and behaviour of people at a micro level on the other hand megatrends are forces that affect people on a macro level which has an immense sphere of influence. Essentially trends can be disseminated by celebrities and media. It can affect the buying behaviour of people in different geographies. Megatrends have a gargantuan impact on economy, business and personal lives. It can create a profound change that can affect the cognition process of the people.

The companies can take advantage of megatrend. By studying the megatrends the company can get a clue about predicting the future behaviour and how they can mold their product or service according to customer needs. For example , if you have an app that has recipes and by studying the trends we identified the requirement of sharing the recipes on social media platforms. Eventually we will add a new feature called share on facebook, twitter , linkedin and medium. This can substantially increase the popularity of the app. Companies need to study the megatrends for a profitable company.

What is your user about. Demographics and psycho graphics

Demographics are a statistical data which tells us about the population of a particular group for example, the demographics of people who have pets. this term involves the people. Data about the population of people. This is an imperative factor in understanding your users.the size , structure and distribution of the people is substantial in understanding their behavior. The fact that various factors like birth, inflation and diseases can have imperative changes in the population. Companies need to know more about their users.

Psycho-graphics is a methodology used to observe and collect data about consumer cognition and thinking. How does the end consumer think? This is an essential question. How do we get the answer research. The applications of psycho-graphics can be applied in personality, interest, like, dislikes, lifestyle and attitudes.

Experiential learning. Can you develop something from your learning

Experiential learning is learning from doing. It requires a rigorous approach in which the learner starts practically developing a product and along the way he/she learns many attributes about the product along the way. It deals with the individuals learning process and how it can be made better. Unlike traditional learning model experiential learning is a new and effective approach. For example, if you want to learn java for android app development download android studio and start coding right away. Starting from variable to more advanced concepts you will learn so much more when you develop an app that coding is only 13% of the project. The other paramount factors are requirements gathering , app design and testing the app. All these stages you will have to pass in order to learn the process of app development.

How do you stand out from competition

What is your competitive edge. What are the attributes and features in your product that differentiates you from the other competitors in the market. Is it low cost or high quality. Competitive intelligence CI is paramount because it gets the data about your market, competitors , product and customers which eventually will help the managers in better decision making for the company.it means learning about the external environment as soon as possible to be able to execute imperative decisions for the company to win in the long run.there is a process of collecting data and converting it into useful information. CI is a business practice.

For developers posting your work on github and stackoverflow helps you be a valuable member of the community. Can you pull out enough information and disseminate it so that it helps people. What makes you special. There is a lot of competition going on in the market. If your product gets copied how will you add new significant features to make it stand out.

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