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how does a mobile game become successful on play-store and app-store

Mobile games have become so popular specially among the kids. It’s a huge field and the market is prolific. There are many successful games out there but what are the factors which make the game successful. It is a blend of story-telling, user experience and social media promotion. In order to make a successful mobile game you have to make a unique idea work which has a lot of innovation or you can publish a lot of apps and eventually the accumulation value of games will gain substantial revenue. The games which are successful have one thing in common it promotes it well on social media. The game has a share option like share it with friends. In-app purchasing can give you more lives or new weapons to play with.

We are going to look at a case study. King.com created a game called candy crush. It was the top game in charts in may 2013. It was very successful but it was a strictly simple game. King only created 3 games on play-store. Games like angry birds had a more new style of game play. Electronic arts had 829 games in apple app store. King only published 3 games on play-store. EA was a much bigger brand and had extensive experience in gaming. Both companies are successful. King was targeting Asia more. Japan is also making amazing games like puzzle and dragons. The art of story-telling is being neglected by many companies the game should go through a great story experience the users should feel like their part of the game and continue with the game play filled with suspense what would happen next. The attention should be on the game for the maximum time.

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