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Elon Musk’s principles of success

Maintain work life balance

Your work is a large part of your life. You have to love what you do. In order to have persistence and grit. In the hard times you can give up if you don’t have passion for your work. You would be doing your work on daily basis. Many people are glad when its friday. On the weekend people burst into happiness that no more work now just chill. Majority of the people are like that who are just stuck in there work and waiting for a paycheck to make end meet. They don’t have passion. These majority of people need to rejuvenate their lives and really work on their vision. If you have a job you can work on your side project even giving it an hour can have profound impact on the project after some time.

Work obnoxious hard on your goal

There is only one way to succeed. Put in the obnoxious work. You should have a work ethic that is unbeatable. Work everyday with giving it all. There is a famous russian quote “if you want to do something go all the way”. Hard work can really change lives if done in the right direction with the right opportunity. The trained eye can recognize an opportunity. The person whom is confused and distracted cannot see the opportunity in hand. Majority of people waste their time watching TV shows and chilling with their best friend. There is only one life. Give it all.

The most crucial factor of success is you have to give at your all. Complete dedication and diligence on the task in hand will lead to imperative results. Work should be done diligently. If your competitors are works 8 hours you should work 15 hours a day. Elon musk said that if you are working a hundred hours and other person is working 50 hours you will get more done in 4 months that would take the other person to achieve a year.

Be more productive

Learn new skills depending on the market. The market is dynamic it changes everyday. We have to figure out what is the most prolific skill to learn according to demand and supply chain. Work more than your competition eventually you will get a lot more done.

Create an efficient workplace

The workplace has a vital role in the development of the business. The main factor is that you should be comfortable in working there for long hours. Your work constitutes a big part of you life and you should definitely try many things before finding your passion. Offices decoration and the transparency should be there so that people can be more prolific.

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