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project pal : app specifically designed to help software developers and students to learn project development

there has been a paradigm shift in business. software is disruptive and it has influenced all business in a positive way. in order to create impeccable software we have to follow the fundamental principles of software engineering. everyone is focused on developing software by focusing on coding. coding is only 13% of the project. the other aspects are requirements, design, testing , quality assurance, deployment and maintenance. maintenance is the longest phase of all the phases in software life cycle. the requirements phase is the most important phase in software life cycle. if the requirements are clear and concise the remaining phases will be so much better. we need to differentiate clear requirements and vague requirements.

project pal is an android app which provides real world case studies about the various phases of the software development. for example, it provides complete documentation of real world projects along with definitions of all the different phases. project pal also discuses about which language is preferable for which type of application. students have to create a final year project mostly of 6-credit hours. one year is given to them to develop this project pal can help students of BCS, BSIT. MCS, MIT and BSIT. real world case studies is a better method to learn all aspect of software development because it gives a bird eyes view on the concept. professional software developers can also get the knowledge by installing project pal app. it is available on google play store. it is imperative for the developers to understand the overall project aspects conversely most people just focus on coding and the programming language. the principles of software engineering should be applied in the project to make it more reliable and robust.

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