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why you should learn cross-platform app development

Cross-platform apps are the next big thing. It has gained popularity in various app development communities and is a good platform. In order to use it or not it depends on the situation.


The companies which are developing apps sometimes need a low development cost solution and improved time to market. In this case cross-platform apps are suitable. cross -platform apps are those apps that can be deployed on multiple platforms like android and ios having the same code base. The is an advantage because you will need the same developers and cost of developing the app is reduced. Let us talk about a scenario. A multinational company has a vast number of employees image 2000 approximately. It has 45 offices in the country. There is a lot of diversification. We need to develop an app for the employees that can run on various OS android and ios. The devices include tabs, smartphone and wear. In this particular scenario cross-platform app can be used. It will also reduce the development cost because less developers are used to develop the app. Xamarin a microsoft platform can be used to develop cross-platform apps. It has its own emulator and can be used in visual studio.


Cross platform apps are not native. The user interface UI becomes sluggish on different operating systems. In a native app we can do more tweaking and fundamental changes because we can leverage more API’s of the platform. The testing of cross platform apps becomes rigorous. Cross platform apps have a single code base. It means that on different operating systems the code can behave weird because every OS keeps on updating with new features.

In native apps if an update comes it is adopted immediately in that particular platform by the community conversely, in cross platform apps that new update takes much more time to be available. This is a matter of huge concern because developers whom are building the app native apps can go so much ahead of their competition with new feature and can leverage them more for productivity.

Main idea:

Cross-platform apps are good but it depends on the situation and requirements of the project that truly counts. The tech industry is dynamic we should adopt the change. Change is inevitable.

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