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why e-commerce is becomming m-commerce

The trends in the tech world are changing at a rapid pace. People now have more smartphones than laptops or PC. more and more devices are being manufactured with android , ios, blackberry and windows OS than ever before. Users of the new generation are more comfortable with smartphones because they are portable they can easily in a pocket. Conversely, the laptops have a big screen and cannot be carried around easily because of theft and screen damage issues. The trends in online shopping are increasing and more people are buying from there smartphones. This trends seem to increase gradually.

The retailers are not focusing on mobile. This is a bottleneck. The data tells us that people spend most of their time on smartphones. If businesses want to leverage there key resources they should develop an app so that it can reach millions of users. This will help increase sales and drive more traffic. It can be used in marketing as well. It is imperative to take this step of going mobile friendly in this particular time. More companies are adopting apps for their business because of their reach . Android runs on two billion devices. Android has a large sphere of influence. The millennials are very comfortable with smartphone and tablets. More kids are playing games on their smartphone. One example I can recall is that a friend of mine came to my office and he took out his smartphone and the battery was almost empty. He said my five year old kid takes my smartphone whenever I can home and starts playing games eventually the battery becomes low. This is the level of addiction kids have gone into game play. Games are also very popular and is a complete industry.


The rapid pace of technology innovations have changed the way people communicate. Successful companies are those which develop a habit forming product. Most social media apps are a good example of this paradigm shift. In a recent survey in the US smartphone users tend to check their smartphone at least 35 times a day. This shows where the attention is, habit forming products leads to more user retention. These product tends to trigger the user then make the user behave in a certain way or to take action and then invest in the product. Investment can be in the form of time or money. Finally, they want the variable reward. So there you have it the cycle that users go through for adopting a habit driven user experience.

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