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what are habitual products and how they dominate the market

Human beings tend to form habits. We do things unconsciously because we formed a habit. A habit can be good or bad. Some experts say if we repeat a behaviour daily we develop a habit in 2 months. We can see in the market that successful products are those that form a habit between the users need. Successful brands first solve a problem and then show the solution to the customer. There are many habitual products out there in this era of technology social media platform are very popular. These platform have created a habit for the people to be online socially active. But the drawback is some people show more than they are. They show that there really happy and having a great time this has an effect on other people. The more likes people get the more dopamine they get which makes them feel good and happy. Products can become habitual an example is tea and coffee. Many people take tea and coffee daily. Face it it’s just a commodity but the branding and marketing of these commodities have made them so highlighted into everyday lives of people which is amazing. Salute to the creativity of marketing that managers create I respect that. Innovation and marketing are two most important factors of a company.

Since the 4th industrial revolution jobs have changed and technology had an impact on every field. Science, business arts etc. products that create a habit become essential for the customer because they give such a great experience. The value should be more than the products cost. Everybody is focusing on the accounting and data. Less managers are focusing on giving more value.

Not all products are habitual in nature. Most of the products are used once a month or once in a few days. These products are also successful. Habitual products have a high engagement rate. People use it more frequently because the perceived value is high. Some of the games on android are so addictive that people play them to 2 to 3 hours a day especially kids game. Games are a sort of entertainment. Users also pay for the game in app purchases like moving to another stage or buying a digital asset. The engagement is very important. We have to dig deep into the cognitive process and figure out what the user is feeling and thinking. The emotional aspect is imperative. If the user develops an emotional connection with the products the bond gradually becomes strong with time. The marketing campaigns we see in ads or social media are trying to create trust and empathy. For example, a soft drink ad will target teenagers and will show a cool kid drinking the product and show how refreshing it is. Quality is crucial. You cannot market a bad product. One way to improve the quality of the product is to get user feedback and improved on the strengths and magnify the whole experience. For example, if we built an app try showing it to friends and family members first and ask questions like what do you think. Don’t overcharge with questions like isn’t this the best app ever instead ask questions like what do you think, how is the experience like be very specific and take notes. There are many beta testing communities that you could launch your app to the users will use it and give feedback. The feedback can help us improve the product.

The user experience UX should be great. The product accomplishes a task. It should take the minimum amount of steps to perform a task. If the product is simple and user friendly more people will engage in it. The contemporary websites have a less amount of information displayed and more call to action. For example the popular social media websites have a login and signup button on the page. A few years back when yahoo search had more tabs and more content on the web page which distracted users. The information presented should be concise and more call to action involved.

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