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How to become a full-stack developer

The demand of a full stack developer is increasing in the market. A full stack developer is a person whom has the knowledge about every phase of software development life cycle for example, requirements, design, coding, testing, quality assurance, deployment and maintenance. There is a dilemma that how can a person become familiar with all these phases? The answer is experience and a lot of years it takes to become familiar with all phases. If a person has worked in different industries and switched back and forth he/she has more knowledge about different software domains.. For example, if a person worked in desktop app development for 2 years and shifted to web development for a year and then to mobile apps. That person will understand the architecture of different technologies .

A full stack developer has mastery on the front end as well as backend development. Let’s talk about backend development. The concepts of relational and non-relational databases. The majority of the databases used in the world are relational. There are relations between tables some called it cardinality. This deals with the dependency of columns in multiple tables. The different types of relationships

.one to many

.many to one

.Many to many

If a programmer understands the front end and the back end development he/she can create a more robust software because being familiar with all aspects of development gives an overall insight about the project. One more important point is innovation. Doing things with a new perspective and new ideas. The developer should read up to date content and articles in his/her field. That makes you a strong player. Life long learning should be instilled in developer and they should devote more time reading the latest trends and techniques about their particular field this is a game changer. It gives you a competitive advantage.

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