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need help in software developement? download this free app

for software enthusiasts or students whom want to make final year project in computer science or IT there is a free android app which guides through all the phases of software development. its called project pal and is available on play-store.

project pal

for people who are curious and want to learn about software development this app can help you since in this era technology plays a vital role in the development of economy. with over 2 billion android devices available in the world. every one is encouraged to learn software development especially kids. programming should be introduced in schools and from the school classes tutorials and classes should be given on programming. the app covers all phases of software development with real world UML diagrams of a particular scenario. it also shows the top programming languages used. the modern programming languages and their applications. people are confused that learning software development is an intricate process with a lot of time and effort requires. they do not know where to start. you can start at anytime. you should know the meticulous process of software development. there are different phases

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